Fast Track Options

Nobody likes to see queues at registration which is why RefTech has developed tools designed to get delegates and visitors into your event as fast as possible.

Options include:

  • Badge codes sent to pre-registered individuals by email and/or SMS text message. They use the code for one of the on-site fast track options.
  • Abbreviated data entry for on-site registration so the operator only has to enter the information needed to produce a badge. All the other data is entered later in the day. (This also improves the accuracy of the data entry process.)
  • Self-badging kiosks that pre-registered individuals can use to enter their badge code. They see their badge on screen and can print it out instantly.
  • Queue busting using hand held computers. Roaming staff can locate any pre-registered individual's record in the system and print the badge out immediately.
  • E-badges or E-letters (joining instructions) with a barcode are sent to the registrant and are printed off and brought to the event where they are scanned on entry into the registration area. Their show badge is printed automatically with the process taking around 7 seconds.